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Raid 5 Failure

Intel ICH8 Raid 5 Failure - Block Rotation and best RAID 5 Recovery software
Ok, so comments aside about using RAID on the desktop and even worse the fact that I used RAID 5 - I've got an ASUS P5B Deluxe motherboard with Intel's ICH8 Raid 0,1,5,10 Support. I setup 3 Seagate SATA 320 GB drives in a RAID 5 array. After a bit of use, one of the drives kept on dropping out. The volume would degrade and the rebuild usually after a reboot or rescan in XP. I suspect that the issue is a tired powersupply.

One of the times the array was degraded, I physically disconnected and reconnected the drive. When the system came up, the array had completely failed and there seems to be permanent physcial damage to that disk (Disk 0).

So 2 questions:

- Has anyone successfully recovered data from this situation and using which software? I know services can do it, but want to try myself first. I know everything about not reformatting/initializing/writing to disks 1 + 2, so no data loss. I can still see the disks in the RAID BIOS and in XP, but can't access them, so I think there is definitely RAID corruption, but no physical damage.

- I've been testing Restorer Pro 2000 and file scavanger. They seem to get some of the files, but not all. In addition, they ask for "Block order" or rotation. Does anyone know the default Block order/rotation for Intel ICH8?

Any help appreciated!

RAID 5 FAilure recovery! Need help ASAP!
Long story short, a non tech person was on the phone with Dell.  They were supposed to swap redundant power supplies.  Instead he pulled 2 HD's out of a RAID 5 config of 3 drives and swapped them into eachothers previous bay.

Needless to say, Blue screen server appears pooched.  Was going to do a RE and Re and use data back up to restore but there was a problem with them cancelling jobs and there is no Exchange server back up.

1. Can I replace the 2 drives in their original Bays and turn it on and the system will self restore?
or 2. Will that make things worse and prevent possible data recovery?
3. Has anyone successfully used a data recovery service to resolve this type of situation?  If so, did you just get your data back or could they repair the RAID and you just replaced the drives and turned on?

Thanks in advance, it has been a long night so please excuse my typos.

Dell 2550 RAID 5 failure
Ok .. we have a UPS failure and a Dell 2550 was effected in the outage, No alarms on the server, However now in a 4 disk RAID5 setup drives 0 and 1 are no longer seen and now it appears the server states I have no container :( .. I see Drives 2 and 3 without issue however can not get the server back online .. How screwed am I ?
Any procedure to get and or rescue my world ?
Any ideas and or feed back would be great as I am dead in the water with this issue without help

Raid 5 failure

My boss's computer is running a RAID 5 setup with 4x400gb sea gate drives.

He said it mention "something about parity", and now it does not boot into windows.

If I access the raid utility "crtl + i" it only shows 3 drives and says that the raid has failed. It then prompt's "Failed RAID volume detected. Recover volume?"

What can I do to fix it.

I have a spare WD 500GB sata drive here. Do I just install the new drive and tell it to recover the raid?

The problem is my boss's information is very important to him (of coarse no backup :S).

Thanks in advance.

Intel RAID 5 failure

I have had four 1TB hdds in a RAID 5 for a while now storage only (no OS). I was starting to run low on space and so I added another hdd. Well when I added the drive the Intel matrix storage software said it was adding the drive and updating the array.(paraphrasing)In the middle of the array updating my wife shutdown the system. after reboot two of the five drives are now reporting errors and I cannot access the array. What can I do to fix this problem and keep my data?
HDD: 5 Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB each.
running windows 7 ultimate 64bit

Solution of Raid 5 Failure:

Restore Your RAID 5 Array By Using Getway Raid Recovery Software

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