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Raid 5 Rebuild

Frequently Asked Questions About Raid 5 Rebuild:
Good day!i have a server running with raid 5, there are 4 drives on it 3 are active and 1 is reserve. but last week the number 3 drive crashes and when I swap the reserve drive and reboot it the error is "system boot failure". is there any way to make my array works?

Rebuild 2/3 Disk with RAID 5 Configuration
I have Dell Power Edge 1800 Windows 2003 Server, it contain 3 disks, 2/3 of these disks failed during bauckup process, now the server go throgh PERC/CERC Bios configuration utility.
When I tray to rebuild these two disks it give me ERROR and it cannot contenue
I tray also Reconstruct but it say that only optimal logical drive can be reconstructed.
Any info regarding this status?

Raid Rebuild
I have a client with a 5 year old Dell Power Edge 2600. This server has a Prec 4/Di raid controller with a raid 5. No one has kept this server up to date regarding firmware etc. One of the disks in the raid 5 broken so they shut down the server and replaced the drive. The raid controller never started to rebuild the new drive. I have been in to the menus of the raid controller and it has the option of rebuild or reconstruct the drive. Not sure which of the to use. I don't want to delete the data, but get the raid fault tolerant again.

Rebuilding a drive in raid
Hi Guy's, I'm new to this, so I apologise if i'm posting this in the wrong area, my problem is this, i'm running a server, SBS 2003, everything was working fine until one of the drives failed, I'm only using onboard Raid software, I replaced the new drive and it came up with the message that "Port 1 is in rebuilding State" and then a warning: Array(s) in Degraded Mode!!!.

Do you know how long it takes to rebuild the drive (WD Raptor ATA 74gig)? and was there something I needed to do to the drive first.
Any help would be grateful,

Rebuild Raid 5 Array on perc 5i card (dell poweredge 840)
Hi, and thanks in advance for your help.

I'm trying to rebuild a 4 disk RAID 5 array on a SATA perc 5i controller. One drive was apparently disconnected from the Raid array and left unconnected for some time. I pulled the drive out and formatted it, then tested it for errors. HDTune tells me the drive has no errors.

I had previously deleted the drive partition and attempted to rebuild the array, however, neither the perc controlled bios nor the dell openmanage software gave me the rebuild option. What am i missing to enable this task? Should the drive be formatted in any specific manner? left unformatted? partitioned? unpartitioned? or am i overlooking something else Right now the raid array shows up in Disk manager as a basic drive. I don't know what this means but the raid array manager doesn't show any backplane, which i noticed some of the perc 5i controllers have when i checked dell support pages.
OS is SBS 2003

RAID 5 Rebuild
I have a RAID 5 server with a failed hard disk. I'm not much into these kind of things but at present I have to perform the replacement / rebuild and I'm not so sure how. Can someone tell me the procedure. Can I shut down the server and insert the new disk? Can i just open the web bios and rebuild manually? Any other precautions to be taken? There are no problems with keeping the server offline for some time.

Help with RAID drive replacement
The company I work for has a server with a bad hard drive and is running off what appears to have been the backup drive. How do I know if the system was set up for RAID? Also, if it was on RAID, could replacing the bad drive possibly erase the current drive? Hope I worded this right. Thanks in advance for any help.

RAID 5 Issue on DELL poweredge 2800
I had a drive fail in my RAID 5 array at work. I replaced the drive with one that was slightly bigger, rebuilt it nd now the other 2 drives are now degraded in the array in the DELL openmanager web interface. What am I doing wrong. I took one of the degraded drives offine and forced a rebuld but to no avail.

RAID setup for Dell Poweredge 2800
I tried to initialize my new virtual disk and erased everything from my server, now when I try to reinstall Windows, setup cannot find the hard drive. Any suggestions?

Raid Configuration

I am in the process of building a desktop system with a RAID array. The motherboard is an Asus P5B Deluxe/WiFi (supports RAID arrays 0,1,5, 10 and a JMicron? controller which supports up to 0,1,0+1, JBOD RAID function , processor an Intel E6600, 3GB Corsair 6400 RAM (2x1024 and 2x512), nVidia Quadro 560 Pro Video Edition and 4 Maxtor 250GB SATA hard drives. I would like to back up my system and data using an external SATA hard drive.

One of the most important programs I run is AutoCAD 2005 and all releases, excluding 2008, are 32 bit programs. Since this is a $3K+ piece of software, upgrading to 2008 is not an option at this time. This is not a gaming machine, but Flight Simulator is run from time to time, but is not of prime consideration.

As a result, I need to run a 32 bit operating system to use my current version of AutoCAD. I would also like to use a 64 bit operating system, so am looking at a dual boot system.

First, I have no idea of what the advertised JBOD RAID function supporting RAID 0,1,0+1 is.

With a normal RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 available, should JBOD RAID even concern me?

I realize one of the advantages of certain RAID arrays is mirroring, but, although attractive, that is not one of my prime considerations. System speed is one of the prime considerations, but if I could get a reasonable compromise between speed and mirroring, I wouldn't be against the compromise. Is one of the RAID configurations available worth considering as a compromise?

I don't know if I can backup a RAID array with a single external hard drive, is it possible or desireable? The external backup would be for catastrophic failure insurance, due to hardware, software or virus causes.

Can any or all RAID arrays be partitioned to accommodate dual operating systems? If not all, which ones can or cannot be partitioned, in both the normal RAID and the JBOD? Is it possible or desireable? Any problems associated with it?

One of the advantages of a 64 bit system is the ability to go beyond the theoretical 4GB RAM barrier. If one has a dual operating system and 8GB RAM installed and boots on the 32 bit system, is there a RAM problem or is the excess just ignored and not used?

I realize there is a lot of territory covered here, but thought a single post might be better than a bunch of little ones.

I am Aravind from India.
my question is:
if 2 hards were gone bad from 3, can we recover data.

Windows 2003 Enterprice server and RAID 5 (with 4 drives 0 ,1 ,2 ,3)
need a big help, recently we bought a Dell PowerEdge 2900 server with PowerEdge RAID Controller 5/i, PCI-Express, Integrated AND Integrated SAS/SATA RAID 5, PE Raid Controller 5/i Integrated..

Operation system is windows 2003 enterprice server, now please tell me how can i configure raid 5 with four hard drives (300GB, 3Gbps, SAS, 3.5 inch, 10K RPM Hard Drive) for these specs. Your help is greatly appreciated..and thanks in advance....

RAID 5 failed
I just got problem on power edge 1400 it can't start windows server 2003, error message is RAID 5 faild, please help me

RAID 5 Issue on DELL poweredge 2800
I had a drive fail in my RAID 5 array at work. I replaced the drive with one that was slightly bigger, rebuilt it nd now the other 2 drives are now degraded in the array in the DELL openmanager web interface. What am I doing wrong. I took one of the degraded drives offine and forced a rebuld but to no avail.

RAID 5 IBM Netfinity Server -DISK ID 0 DEFUNCT
In RAID 5 having 4 disk and 1 hotswappable Disk case,when disk id 0 gets DEFUNCT ,then does the system goes down?Please get some URL Links or Solutions where it can be Briefly explained that whether it is DISk 0 OR DISK ID 1 RAID 5 by replacing it by hot swap what solve the problem!!!ITS URGENT
Thanks in Advance

raid 5 configration
how to configure raid 5 to run on linux?

raid 5 configration
how do i configer raid 5 on a dell power edge 6850 to run linux?

How can i add 4th HDD in an existing Raid 5 without loss the current data. hi friends
Can u help me?
i need to add a 4th HDD in an existing software RAID 5 configuration ,same time i need to keep the current data with safe.
plz help me to do

RAID 5 Windows 2003 server
I just got a small server (HP ML 110) with 4 disks (SAS).
I installed win 2003 server in disk0 and after I booted the server and wanted to add the other 3 disks in a RAID 5 configuration that includes all 4 disks.
(hardware RAID5 is not possible since the server only supports RAID 0 & 1)
Question: can I add the 3 disks and create a RAID5 to an OS that is already running on another disk?

I need to recover data from a corrupt raid 5 array
This is my first post, I hope someone can shed some light on the current situation.

I have a Dell PowerEdge 2800 with a Raid 5 configuration with 3 x 286 GB Hard Drives. I initially was going to use this as a desktop so I installed Vista and created a 80GB parition (C:\)for the OS, then through the OS I formatted the second partition (D:\). I saved a about 40 GB of important data to (D:\). When I found out about video card limitations on this system, I decided to install SBS 2003 premium. I started the instsall for SBS and selected the (C:\) and also selected to replace the current OS (Vista) and format the the drive with NTFS (Quick). After loading all the setup files it did it's first reboot. Upon the first reboot the system no longer recognized the raid array. Since the server is still in warranty, I called dell. (Possibly a huge mistake). Dell had me try everything under the sun, which may have made things worse. They had me force offline disc 2 of array (0,1,2), and then clear vram on board, then clear raid config...none of this worked or helped. Then Dell had me pull out disk 1 and 2 and install and OS on disk 0 to see if OS would pick up other drives. Non of this helped. They bascically couldn't do anymore after 5 hours and suggested that I contact, which wants a $2,000 initial fee and said that it would costs between 15-25K to recover the data. Does anyone have any idea how to recover the data from a corrupt Raid 5 array other than spending 30K? PLEASE HELP!

Adaptec AIC-7899 RAID 5 capable?

Has anyone worked with the Intel SHG Server board. It has the above Adaptec SCSI controller on board. I would to know if it is RAID 5 capable? Also if it is not RAID capable can anyone recommend a suitable RAID controller.

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