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Raid 5 Rebuild Part II

RAID 5 Configuration for new disks
Hi, I have to replace the 2 failure disks with the new disks of the "Digital Storage Works RA3000" external storage for COMPAQ ALPHA SERVER ES40. The operating system is Compaq TRU 64 unix. Hard disks are configured with Raid 5. There are 5 disks of 18.2 G.

My question is do i need to configure these two new disks for Raid 5 configuration. If yes what is the method, and commands. Or just I have to hot plug them without configuring them.

Disks size in RAID 5
Hi, should all the 5 disks present in Raid 5 server configuration have the same size.


RAID 5 Configuration for new disks
Hi, I want to replace the 2 crashed hard disks of external storage for Unix server which consists of:

Operating System: Compaq TRU 64 unix v-5.1
Database: Oracle 8i
Raid 5 configured on the existing 5 disks.

My question is

Can i just replace the crashed disks with new ones, when the server is running. Will the system automatically configures these 2 new disks with raid 5 and everything will be same as previously.

Or do I need to configure raid 5 for these 2 new disks, if so how to do that. Kindly advise me in this regard.


RAID 5, Logical Drives 0
I have an adapatec 2100S raid 5 controller and the raid is functioning correctly . 6 drives with one recent drive failure that my hot spare took over splendidly for.

However when I went to review the array, the adaptec storage manager sees the controller, belarc sees the raid, the drives and OS function correctly but the ASM sees Logical drives 0 and therefor I cannot manage the array. Can I add a logical device (c:\ ???) to the controller without trashing the entire array?

how to back up files in windows 2000 advance server i am using raid 5
how to back up files in windows 2000 advance server i am using raid 5 and have two partition?

Add disk space to a two servers with a Raid 5 enclosure.
A few days ago, I get a MR5CT2, drive and in the stand alone configuration, even the volumes creation is all good and so fine but I have a few questions:

If I want to put my MR5CT2 connected in a switch for my all lan clients like a NAS store server HOw I need to format (windows format) and access my MR5CT2 drive from my clients?

An other question is:

If I put my MR5CT2 drive in a USB 2.0 port in my Windows 2003 server (in this part I was, and the system not detect the MR5CT2 why?), The MR5CT2 most responds with a configuration page but I try a rs-232 port and the configuration page its OK, I try like a NAS drive and the configuration page its OK, I try in a USB 2.0 port and the system can not to detect the MR5CT2 any form., What happend with this port?, Why my compmgmt.msc procedure can not to see my drive when this is connected in a USB 2.0 port of my server? How can I JOIN two partitions (the preexistent partition and one volume of my RAID drive MR5CT2?)

The last question is?

I have two windows 2003 servers, one for the exchangue services, and other with a ERP application. There are two separate servers.

I need to add more disk space in both. I configure the MR5CT2 raid drive in Raid5+spare with a five 750.0 GB sATA SEAGATE BARRACUDA disks, and the configuration are:
TWO 1125 GB VOLUMES and my question is:

How I need to connect the MR5CT2 to my servers for add more disk space to my servers, ONE OF 1125 GB VOLUME to my Exchangue server and the other 1125 GB VOLUME to my Windows 2003 server with a ERP aplication, and access it to make a partitions and JOIN this volumes to add disk space??

failed HD in RAID 5 array
I can't seem to find a solid answer to my problem. I had a disk fail in a RAID 5 array. After putting in the new disk, the system refuses to add the disk to the array. I can't get it to do it manually, and it didn't do it automatically. The disks are non hot-swappable SCSI drives. The SCSI BIOS does give me the option of making the drive a hot swap. Is there a way I should be adding the drive to the array manually, or should I just make the new drive a hot swap?

Configuration of RAID 5
Hi I want to configure RAID 5 with 4 HDD of 146GB with HP ML 350 G5 server
So I can't understand which process will be the best for me?
Plesssss Help me

RAID 5 on Window Server 2003
I have an Sun Fire X4200 m2 that I'm trying to get raid 5 on. The controller that came with the machine is weak and only supports raid 1,0, 1e. I know I can do software raid through windows server 2003 disk management, but here's my question is there an add on non sun card (sun doesn't have any offerings) to give me h/w raid 5 or can I configure the raid 5 to span across only three (using a partition) disks and leave the forth for hot spare?

I would really appreciate some help. I'm dyin' here.

RAID 5 to RAID 10 "CLONE" - How to?
I have a Gigabyte P35-DQ6 MB with the Intel RAID solution. I have 4 Seagate 7200.9 500GB HD in a RAID 5 config. My system is so slow - it is always accessing the hard disk. From what I read, it appears that using RAID 5 for the OS installation was not a good choice.

Given this, I want to:
1) Convert my RAID 5 to a RAID 10 - OR -
2) Install 2 more drives in a RAID 10 config and "Clone" my install from the RAID 5 config to this new RAID 10 config.

Any help on either approach would be appreciated.

Raid 5 repair in Windows Server 2003
One of the four drives in my Raid-5 array was not working and needed replacement. All four drives are identical Seagate 500Gb drives. In the Disk Management Console, Disk 4 was listed as "Missing" and the rest of the array is in "Failed Redundancy". I tried to "reactivate" multiple times and the drive was confirmed dead.

So, yesterday I found the Serial number of the missing drive under Device Manager (by elimination, that is), and took out the old drive. I powered it back up and Disk 4 is still missing, just to confirm that I have pulled the right one.

I powered down the server again and put in the new drive in identical hardware configuration as before.

The server started up and recognized my new drive, asked me to format it as a "Simple" volume. As it finished, it was already a Dynamic volume (to my surprise, I thought I had to convert it). And now the new drive shows up as a separate Simple volume by itself.

Following Microsoft's TechNet note, I right clicked on the Raid-5 Volume and tried to click on "Repair Volume", but that option is greyed out. I know for sure that the replacement drive is 100% identical to the old drive, it was bought in a batch, same model. In the Disk Management console, I can still see four drives in the Raid-5 array with one "missing", and the new drive as a separate drive.

What am I missing? How do I "move" this drive into the Raid-5 array, instead of it being a separate individual drive and let it "Repair"?

This array was setup using Windows Server 2003 with SP2, software Raid. It's mostly a file server and I can deal with the slower speed.

Thank you very much.

Windows 2003 Raid 5 Replace
I need some help. I have a Dell Poweredge 2600 with Perc 4/di controller and 3 36gb HD in Raid 5 array. Running W2K3 OS. It's set up as a PDC, Wins, Dhcp, File, Print and VPN Server. There are 25 workstations. Tape , Hard Drive and DVD backup capable and Novanet Backup software.. I installed this system for their new software. Learned as I went. I followed the software companies recomendations. Raid 5 partioned as C: 5gb for OS, D: 2gb Swapp file and E: 60gb for Data. It's out of space, only 500mb on C and 16% on E. I purchased 3 146gb HD. I want to swap out the 3 drives for the new ones. I do have a spare server I use for testing. What would be the best and easiest way to do this. I know to make a complete backup. Do I then swapp out the drives, setup a raid 5 array. Then do a clean install of OS and then a restore? Novanet says if the HD are different, I can't use the Disaster recovery CD. I can't think straight, there are too many possiblities. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Server 2003
I have a server with 6 harddrive running a raid 5 array. what can I use to make one mass volume with out rebuilding the whole server???? please help

What could cause corruption after hot swap of HD in RAID 5?
On a Dell PowerVault, the light turned red for a hard drive in a RAID 5 disk array. I hot swapped the drive with an identical new one. A few hours later, a serious amount of corruption in the contents of the array showed up. What could have caused that?

Windows Server 2003 software RAID 5 expandability and size
Does Windows Server 2003 Diskpart and/or Drive Management utility support Expandable RAID-5 Arrays.

Meaning that if I put 6 drives in the array, can I later install a 7th drive having windows rebuild the array without having to transfer the data, and rebuild a array, then transfer the data back?

What is the Maximum size of a disk array in Terabytes?

What is the Maximum number of drives that can be included in a Windows Software Raid array!

Raid 5
How to install raid 5 on windows 2003

maximum raid 5 partition size
can any one help me how to make upto 6 TB parttion using RAID 5 in windows 2003 Ent. edition.

Drive in RAID 5 has media errors
I have a server that has locked up on me a couple of times. Event log showed media errors in one of the hard drives. I verified this in the RAID log and RAID admin software.

No drives have failed yet and the condition of the RAID is still listed as optimal. But when I try and do a consistency check it goes to 4% and stops there (I let it run for over 5 hours).

Is it ok to replace the drive that has errors and rebuild?

Does the fact that the consistency check won't finish change how I approach fixing this?

Thanks in advance.

Upgrading fron 36,2 HD to 72 HD on Raid 5
I have a 5 Disk Raid5 array. We are running out of space on the C drive, My understanding is that I have to have 2 Drives of the same size in order to increase the space so I need to repace 2 of the 36.2 HD to upgrade. Is this correct?

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