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The Best Way To Your Raid Recovery Service

One the basis of software's easy-to-use and maneuverability, Getway Raid Recovery Software has 3 different analysis modes:"Smart Mode", " Manual Mode" and "User-defined Mode".

Smart Mode:

The most convenient and efficient Mode: fast, intelligent.

The Getway RAID Recovery adapted the scientific and effective algorithm. You do not need to participate in the complex operation. You just need to select the RAID Type and Factory Type. If you are on a broadband uk connection or something of a similar speed, the data recovery process is very quick. The software can help you fast and intelligently recover the data, even if are the newbie in RAID Recovery Industry. "Smart Mode" is one of the important functions in GetWay Raid Recovery 2.1. There is no other software which has the powerful function as it. It is very intelligent. It can automatic analyze the RAID 0, RAID 5, Raid 5E, RAID 5EE, Raid 6 … RAID Arrays and get the analysis result of Stripe Size, Drive Offset, Direction of Rotation, Drive Order, etc.

The "Smart Mode" is particularly important for Data Recovery Company . By using the Mode, you can accomplish more data recovery cases in a short time to reduce the labor costs and improve your recovery efficient and your company benefit. You will lead others competitors in the same industry.
Once you get a RAID recovery case, we usually suggest you firstly select this mode. Certainly, if you clearly know the RAID details, you can recover the data by directly using either the "Manual Mode" or "User-defined Mode".

Manual Mode

"Manual Mode" is designed for the user who has the RAID Array knowledge and can do the professional operation. This mode requires you totally participate in. It is the effective supplementary to the "Smart Mode". In this mode, you should set the RAID parameters, such as: Stripe Size, Stripe Order, Direction of Rotation, etc. You can effective recover the data after correctly set all the parameters. This mode has the higher recovery accuracy, and also it applies to the complex RAID configuration.

Compare with the "Smart Mode", "Manual Mode" needs you correctly set more parameters, such as Stripe Size, Stripe Order. To the HP/Compaq RAID Array, you also should correctly set the "Delay" parameter. The detail operation is as below picture:

You can select "Manual Mode", when the RAID Array has the delay or the RAID Array can't be successfully analyzed by the "Smart Mode". This Mode can help you promote the analysis accuracy. Though the correct configuration to improve the analysis accuracy.

"Manual Mode" can help you easily deal with the complex RAID Array. You just need to select the parameters, and then leave the other works to our software.

User-defined Mode

With User-defined Mode, there is no RAID Array which you can't recover.

:User-defined Mode" is designed for the RAID recovery expert. It is the effective guarantee to the future RAID Array series, so there is no RAID Array you can't recover.

Base on the "Manual Mode", the "User-defined Mode" has perfectly extended the RAID support series. Even most complex RAID Type can be recovered by this mode which allowed you set up the "Delay" Value and "Stripe Order". The greatest advantage of the mode is that it can support all the future RAID Types. Furthermore, all the software updates are free of charge. This software will be further intelligentize and the flexibility improved. Recover what your competitors can't recover. Once you have it, whatever you won't want.

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