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Backup and Restore to RAID?
I currently have XP Home Ed installed on a 250GB ATA Drive. I have Veritas backup software installed and have backed up the entire drive. I would like to install two new SATA Drives in a RAID Set (probably RAID 0). Since I have run the current O/S for some time now, I have updated XP numerous times and have SP2 running.

My question is this: If I reload XP (from the original CD) and the Veritas software, could I do a restore from the original C: drive to the new RAID 0 array? This way I wouldn't have to reload all the apps and updates.

RAID issue - deleting RAID volume to restore non-RAID disks
Situation: I have two hard drives : main drive: Seagate 500GB w/ windows xp and second drive: WD 1TB blank.

Without backing up the main drive (ops...), i went ahead and enabled RAID 0 on both drives and created a RAID volume (128KB strip / Size: 1TB (931.5GB)).
NOTE: the RAID volume size is only showing the exact space of the 1TB, excluding the 500GB drive.
After realizing that I needed to create a backup image of my main drive to use RAID with an existing drive, I'm left with the "Operating System Not Found" message.

Question: If I Delete RAID Volume (which is based on the size from the blank 1TB drive), will both drives become available as non-RAID disks and keep the original data on the 500GB main drive and be able to run windows again?

I'm using software RAID through Intel Matrix Storage Manager option ROM v5.6.2

I understood that "Resetting the drives to Non-Raid" will cause all data on the disk to be lost, so this isn't the approach that I'll be taking til I find a solution to backup my data.
However, from reading the "Delete RAID Volume" option, it listed Deleting a volume will destroy the volume data on the drive(s) and cause any member disks to become available as non-RAID disks, so knowing that the RAID Volume is blank, then maybe trying this will be the answer.

When using the Microsoft Recovery Console in (RAID mode attached w/ both drives) logically there isn't any directories/files found. At the moment, I'm seeing if I can find any data in the MR Console with RAID disabled and accessing only the main drive.

Just wondering if Data recovery softwares can backup the data...

1 SSD to 2 SSDs (in RAID 0) Restore image? Or, start over?
Has anyone been successful in taking an already installed Windows 7 OS on an AHCI SSD drive, and then imaged that drive, set up a RAID 0 SSD configuration, and then restored that image to the RAID 0 array...successfully? I was able to create the RAID 0 volume and restore my Windows OS (using TI 2010)...but it would blue screen at boot time. I even tried regedit-ing iaStorV Start DWORD from 3 to 0 before imaging the old drive...but still got the BSOD. Is this ALWAYS a start over situation? Or can it be done without starting over?

How to restore RAID 5 array
I am stuck and I do not know how to go on to fix this problem:
My computers RAID 5 array had one drive crash and I can not start
Vista64 again. The computer worked fine before the crash.

The RAID 5 array is consisted of 4 similar drives. I replaced the
failed drive with a new similar drive and I get a good response from the
RAID controller of the motherboard witch went to REBUILD state
automatically. The controller even states that the array is bootable.
But nothing happens...
Once the boot passes the RAID menu, the motherboard can not find any
drive to start Vista64, (the board does not find the RAID array) and the
new drive is not 'rebuild'...
What is the correct procedure to fix the array and start the OS?

Thanks in advance for your help!!

Pascal B.

Computer information:
OS: Vista 64 OEM
Memory: Corsair XMS 4GB DDR2 PC2-8500 1066MHz
Motherboard: Gigabyte - Socket 775 - ATX iP35 (GA-P35-DS4) - DDR2 /
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3.0GHz / 1333MHz / 4MB (Boxed)
Hard drives: 4 x SAMSUNG SPINPOINT 500GB SATA/300 7200RPM 16MB
Power supply: ANTEC PHANTOM 500 NÄTDEL ATX12V 500W

Thecus N5200 RAID 5 Restore

I have a Thecus N5200 with a RAID 5 configuration. Problems have recently occurred and Thecus support has suggested I make "Block copies" of each of the five drives before we try addition attempts at recovery.

Thecus has indicated that there "are some major problems on the EXT3 File System" (see attached error file).

Thecus has suggested "suggest to use product such as Acronis True Image". They suggest doing a block-level copy of each drive with "bypass bad sectors" activated. These clones would be made to new hard drives. We would then install the new clones into the N5200 and attempt restoration procedure.

My questions are these:

• Is True Image the best product for this application?
• Would Backup and Recovery be better?
• Would it be a good idea to attempt a full copy without "bypass bad sectors" activated in an effort to get a complete clone? I have read that Backup and Recovery may be more able to successfully deal with bad sectors without "bypass bad sectors" activated than True Image.
• Is there another Acronis product I should consider?

This is a critical recovery situation with no current backups.

Thank you for your attention/advice.

TS 409Pro Restore Raid 5 after Firmware recover?

Such a similar problem like many others here:

NASDevice TS 409Pro FW: 3.3

1. Device was in failure state Led was flashing Red/green
2. Qnap Finder finds the Device with a DHCP adress in my Network ( before it was set to a static adress)
3. Even i was not able to connect via SSH or Web interface.
4. After several reboots whicht takes no effect i recover Firmware with TFTP
5. Device Boots now correctly but request for new Configuration
6. and here is the point i am not able to SKIP the HDD initialisation this point is Grayed out
7. I dont want do format the disk an lose the data on it.

So how i can force the device to rebuild de Raid 5 ?
Why the Setup process force me to format the disks?

Is there no posiibility to "remount" or rescann or what ever the existing Raid? ( telnet ? also possible on 409? only found a how to for 219)
Pls dont tell me Backup your Data with R-Linux or such a other recovery tool
i have 4x 2TB in this system and i do a raid 5 and think the data are pretty safe.
And the only possibility should be to restore it manually with extern Tools? that is insane... How ever i even have not
enougt spare Disk to buffer this Data!! i dont wantt to buy 4 new disks that i am able to save my data.

If there is no possibility to revocer the data with the devices himself the QNAP NAS Device is completly useless!

Solution of Raid Restore:

Restore Your RAID 5 Array By Using Getway Raid Recovery Software

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