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Raid Disk Order

Once we pulled out the failed RAID disks and didn’t mark the disk order on them, is there a method can help us find the right RAID disk orders? The answer is yes. Getway RAID Recovery Software can help you a lot. You can find out the right RAID disk order by 3 steps only:

Step 1: Select Analysis Modes

Select the "Smart Mode", and then click the "Next" button.

Raid Disk Order

Step 2: Load Images & Set Raid Parameters

A) Load Images/Add Local Disks
Right click and select “Load Image” or "Add Local Disk" to load your RAID disk images or add your local RAID disks directly.

B) Set Parameter
The default set is Factory Type as "Standard" and the RAID Type as "RAID 5" (you can select the right Factor Type and the RAID Type according to your RAID Array), and then click the “Next” button to rebuild and recover the RAID Array.

Step 3: Analyze & Find out RAID Disk Order

A) Analyze:
Click the “Analyze” button after your finish the parameter setup. Getway RAID Recovery software will display the parameters and the right RAID disk order of your RAID Array, and also you can view the reconstructed partition information.

B) File View:
Select a NTFS partition and click “File View” button; a file browser will be popped up. You can view the folders and the files from the browser after successfully analyze. You will know the analysis was successful or not by this step.

Then you can export the partition as the image files or export the image to other hard disk.

Note: Only the Licensed users can directly get the RAID disk order. The Demo version users will only get the information as complete/failed. If you want to find the right RAID disks order by using our software, you only need purchase a license key. You also can use our software export image.

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"My problem has been well resolved, thanks again to both Getway 's sales and technician. I will be referring other clients to you as I've had great satisfaction with your product..."


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