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Manual Mode

1. What is "Manual Mode"?

Select the "Manual Mode", you should know all details of the RAID, and also you should correctly set up all the parameters, such as Stripe Size; Drive Order; Drive Offset; RAID Type, etc. In general, we just recommend the "Manual Mode" to the professional user, and also we don't suggest user directly use the "Manual Mode". We suggest user use the "Manual Mode" to analysis the RAID when he can't get the data by the "Smart Mode", or the RAID type is special, or encounter the file system which can't be supported by the system.

2. How to use "Manual Mode"?

User can enter this Mode by choosing the "Manual Mode" in the "Select Analysis Modes" interface.

The "Manual Mode" requests user input more information, and also it has more powerful features.

After load the hard disks, user should input the "Factory Type", the "Raid Type", the "Stripe Size" and the "Stripe Order". To the "HP/Compaq" hard disk, user should also input the "Disk Delay".

Click "Analyze", you will get the analysis results and the Raid information. Click "Scan Device", you will get the hard disk partitions.

Remark: the "Smart Mode" and the "Manual Mode" can interconvert without clear the input information, which is convenient for user.

Your Location: Introduction -> Manual Mode