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Smart Mode

1. What is "Smart Mode"?

"Smart Mode" can help user recovery the RAID easily, quickly and conveniently, even though the user doesn't have the technical knowledge on RAID recovery. User doesn't need to know the RAID Parameters, such as Stripe Size, Drive Offset, Direction of Rotation, Drive Order, etc. Getway RAID Recovery will help you analyze the drives and work out all details of the parameters.

2. How to use "Smart Mode"?

User can enter this Mode by choosing the "Smart Mode" in the "Select Analysis Modes" interface.

Smart Mode is the most user-friendly mode. User selects the Factory Type and Raid Type after adds the hard disk drive, and then press "Next" button to analyze.

The function supports most Raid Types. Click "Analyze", you will get the analysis results and the Raid information.

Please choose the "Manual Mode" when the Raid can't be analyzed by this function.

Your Location: Introduction -> Smart Mode